Beyond Capital

Artist: Luke Jerram | Title: Ebola

RA Capital offers its portfolio companies much more than capital to help them grow, make decisions, and succeed.

In addition to providing our portfolio companies with funds, when appropriate we also:

  • Serve on boards of private and public companies and host board meetings at our offices
  • Help recruit executives and board members
  • Provide access to TechAtlas maps and expertise
  • Prioritize indications and targets based on their feasibility and value given current scientific knowledge, unmet needs, and emerging competition
  • Monitor for new applications and complementary technologies
  • Create custom maps that lay out a company’s competition and unrealized opportunities
  • Provide extra analytical bandwidth across our large team (e.g., analyze literature, provide insights from scientific and investor conferences)
  • Assist with grant writing and preparation of scientific publications
  • Interview clinicians and key opinion leaders (KOLs)
  • Host advisory boards
  • Facilitate partnership or acquisition discussions with larger companies
  • Help design (or redesign) a corporate slide deck or website, leveraging in-house writing and graphics teams
  • Make introductions to other investors
  • Anchor subsequent financings and set the pace for closing
  • Help select bankers for financings and M&A

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