Our Values

Artist: Luke Jerram | Title: Ebola

How We Work Together

We at RA Capital are introspective and deliberate about the ways in which we engage with each other and those outside our firm. Our values represent a set of clear parameters by which we create working relationships founded on trust, collaboration, diligence, and integrity.

We originate conviction. We do not borrow it from others.

We expect and strive to inspire the best in everyone.

We embrace the unfamiliar.

We do not let convention stand in the way of what is right.

We learn collaboratively.

We are data-driven and challenge assumptions.

We are persistently curious and humbled by what is left to learn.

We preserve the ability to change our mind.

We admit our mistakes and share lessons learned.

We have a bias for action.

We address the elephant in the room.

We value our relationships and are positive, respectful, and open-minded.

We take fun seriously.