Translation & Hunting

Artist: Luke Jerram | Title: Ebola

RA Capital provides a collaborative platform for drug hunters and company builders to explore both the novel and the re-imagined.

Discoveries and improvements in chemistry, molecular and cellular biology, and materials science create novel capabilities that may address unsolved challenges. Our understanding of fundamental biology is constantly evolving, revealing new applications for existing technologies and partially-developed drug candidates. Programs we consider worthwhile may form the basis for a new venture.

RA Capital's TechAtlas platform helps translate novel science and technology to optimize commercial application, generating new ideas for venture formation and enabling our portfolio companies to prioritize their pipelines. Our competitive landscape maps allow us to make a thoughtful first-pass assessment in a matter of hours on whether an idea warrants a much deeper analysis. This assessment includes:

  • Identifying companies and/or academic institutions that might have relevant clinical and preclinical assets to license
  • Evaluating trial designs and endpoints, competing and complementary agents, and current and future standards of care
  • Estimating market size, comparable pricing, and financing strategy
  • Determining potential acquirers

Our large and experienced team allows us to conduct parallel first-pass assessments of many ideas sourced from literature, technology transfer offices, large pharma/small biotechnology company pipelines, and discussions with academic researchers and clinicians.

We welcome experienced drug hunters searching for technologies/candidates and looking to start new companies to collaborate with our team and take advantage of the breadth and depth of the TechAtlas platform. We believe that when a business proposition is framed correctly, the capital markets have adequate resources and understanding to fund proper experimental design and solution development without forcing companies to cut corners. Furthermore, we have collaborated extensively with other funds that share our philosophy to enable ambitious and capital-intensive endeavors.