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The Business of Biotechnology: Summer 2020

"Having worked on gene therapies for many years as a grad student at MIT, I really wish that this course had been part of our core curriculum at the beginning - it would have provided a tremendously valuable perspective for our experiments and strategic planning."

-Tobias K.

"If you're wondering about the 'why' behind biotech headlines, this course explains it"

- Ben K.

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The Business of Biotechnology: Spring 2020

"There is so much useful material in the class that you will come away both overwhelmed and highly appreciative of the experience."

- Alex Wang

"To scientists relatively new to biotech - you will not view your work or career the same after this course."

- Student, Spring 2020

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The Business of Biotechnology: Fall 2019

"A mind-blowing educational experience. The course aligns business, finance, policy and social concepts that build the biotech ecosystem. Highly recommended, come see it yourself!"

- Yi-Li Min

"An amazing opportunity to build an understanding of every player in the biotech industry. I've previously taken other biotech/start-up flavored courses, all of which have focused mostly on helping academics with IP generation and pitch design. RA Capital's course is unique and dives deep into incentives that drive the behavior of various stakeholders, and sheds a light on the investor's perspective in biotech. I highly recommend this course to anyone to would like to properly and thoroughly grasp the biotech ecosystem."

- Amanda X. Chen

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The Business of Biotechnology: Summer 2019

“This course is the ‘Freakonomics’ of the biotech industry– a unique insider’s perspective on investing, how common conventions create misaligned incentives, and how investors and executives can buck tradition to create better outcomes for all stakeholders. I highly recommend the course to anyone in the biotech ecosystem.”

– David Migl

“They say what they’ll do, and they’ll do what they say. Through data-driven insights, seminal case studies, and Peter’s deep memory bank, this short but intensive course provides a framework for understanding complex and fundamental topics in biotech. You won’t get this educational experience anywhere else.”

– Soufiane Aboulhouda

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