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The Business of Biotechnology: Spring 2020

"There is so much useful material in the class that you will come away both overwhelmed and highly appreciative of the experience."

- Alex Wang

"RA Capital's insight on biotech exposed me to a completely new perspective and mindset that will definitely shape my future career decisions! Truly a privilege to participate, and definitely a must for anyone considering entering the biotech business space!"

- Christos Michas

"If you are a scientist like me and are interested in the business side of biotech - particularly if you are considering entrepreneurship - then this course is for you. If you faithfully put in the time required for this course, you will leave with valuable tools to help you on that path and will be thankful that you did!"

- Rob Shaffer

"The Business of Biotechnology course gave me insight into a world that had been largely opaque to me. It helped me to develop a knowledge base that has allowed me to participate in meaningful conversations about how to ensure that drugs will be plentiful, available, and affordable."

- Student, Spring 2020

"To scientists relatively new to biotech - you will not view your work or career the same after this course."

- Student, Spring 2020

"If Peter were my professor at Harvard, I would nominate him for a teaching award. He teaches with great lucidity, thoughtfulness, and conviction. He has also planned material that is directly relevant to our professional growth in the biopharma industry. So often I found myself dazed in fascination by the subject matter and Peter's pedagogy."

- Sally Wang Liang

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