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The Business of Biotechnology: Summer 2019

“This course is the ‘Freakonomics’ of the biotech industry– a unique insider’s perspective on investing, how common conventions create misaligned incentives, and how investors and executives can buck tradition to create better outcomes for all stakeholders. I highly recommend the course to anyone in the biotech ecosystem.”

– David Migl

“The course has debunked many myths for me, and motivated me to one day consider my future in the biotech space!”

– Hugo Caicedo

“A must-take class for anyone interested in the biotech sector! Worth every second of your time.”

– Norah Owiti

“You will view the biotech ecosystem in a completely different way and wonder how these brilliant/controversial ideas are never discussed in schools.”

– Kevin Huang

“Guided by Dr. Kolchinsky and a remarkable peer group, the class urges individuals to conceptualize their tremendous roles, responsibilities and potential in this rapidly evolving field. The class explores business, financial and regulatory innovation that is actively evolving to support scientific advances. If you are interested in the ecosystem that transforms scientific innovation into commercial reality, consider this course!”

– Iris Braunstein

“Beyond learning the jargon of biotech financing, students who take this course will conceive how biotech executives can incentivize investors and scientists to align with their missions, how drug prices are determined and justified, and how understanding the competitive landscape can inform successful commercialization. Peter Kolchinsky and his team provide unparalleled access to materials and support necessary to delve deeply into these important questions that are necessary to bridge bench to bedside. I recommend this course without any hesitation.”

– Michael Mazzola

“They say what they’ll do, and they’ll do what they say. Through data-driven insights, seminal case studies, and Peter’s deep memory bank, this short but intensive course provides a framework for understanding complex and fundamental topics in biotech. You won’t get this educational experience anywhere else.”

– Soufiane Aboulhouda

“You won’t be given numbers or terms to memorize, you will witness how the business fundamentals work, how to approach biotech decisions based on available data, how to identify and disintegrate bad ideas, and how to build and leverage an analytical framework that can adequately explain past outcomes and accurately predict future scenarios.”

– Yusuf Erkul

“This course provided me with a solution-oriented frame work with which to think about the science I pursue–one that grounds my explorations in principles of value creation for the healthcare industry and the patients it serves.”

– Anika Gupta

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