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The Business of Biotechnology: Summer 2020

"As someone who came into this course with strongly held beliefs, I was so delighted to have a lot of misconceptions dispelled in such an elegant manner. Peter really drills into why certain practices in the pharma industry are egregious and how to overcome this through policy!"

- Kanan R.

"A valuable signpost for those aiming to translate laboratory findings into real-world impact."

- Jeremy H.

"What a fantastic way to give back to your followers and the larger community - the people and public as a whole! I kept waiting for some form of a "catch" or a pitch to sell services - none of this happened! I wish politicians would be as devoted to their constituents. Excellent informative content for both the informed and uninformed (with a solid intro to the latter). I appreciated that the content was not solely focused on the financial motivations of investors or biotech companies: there was a lot of time and work put into conveying thoughts about how healthcare should be run and how to view a higher-level picture of all the works of biotech investing, R&D, drug development, the rare successes, and how pricing should work in a way to reward the innovator but to also make the innovation cheaper and more accessible in later years."

- Dmitriy M.

"Having worked on gene therapies for many years as a grad student at MIT, I really wish that this course had been part of our core curriculum at the beginning - it would have provided a tremendously valuable perspective for our experiments and strategic planning."

- Tobias K.

"If you're wondering about the 'why' behind biotech headlines, this course explains it"

- Ben K.

"Innovative technology in biotech is one of the jewels in the crown of the American economy yet the environment that promotes that innovation is under threat like never before. The Business of Biotech course explores those threats and how, by taking a fresh look, they might be alleviated."

- Kenneth F.

"The Business of Biotechnology course offered the opportunity to holistically assess how scientific innovations are commercialized, funded and ultimately granted to patients. I would highly recommend this course to any training scientist, to better understand the priorities of various stakeholders and broader impact of their research"

- Sonia K.

"1) This course will challenge the biotech innovation dogma you have embraced."
"2) If you think the US Healthcare system, though demonized, is bad, this course will show you why it is the (imperfect) global hero, paying the bulk of the mortgage represented by innovative HC interventions."

- Rosario M.

“Peter Kolchinsky is one of the strongest voices in biotech today and his course is an amazing opportunity to learn more about the biopharma industry and Kolchinsky’s philosophy on bettering it.”

-Faisal K.

"The title of this course (The Business of Biotech) misses the breadth of its content, relevance, and importance. Yes, it hits upon the intersection of biology, scientific innovation, and finance. But it also centers on our society and healthcare system, from the past to the present to the future. It is essential learning."

- Max N.

"The Business of Biotech class will change the way you look at the industry and drug pricing. Not only does the class answer most of the questions you might have about the business biotech, but it also covers topics and questions you didn't know to ask."

- Alex P.

"Dr. Kolchinsky and his team at RA Capital have put together more than just a course on the “Business of Biotech”. This real time lecture coupled with “The Great American Drug Deal” offers case studies current and past that will change your perspective on how innovation and affordable medicines for patients go hand in hand. Whether you have been involved in industry for quite sometime or are new to the space, this is a must stop on your journey in biotech."

- Lindsey S.

"The course materials are so coherent and intelligently structured that I find myself referring to them time and time again to enhance my industry knowledge and decision making as a healthcare investor."

- Sai A.

"Prepare for a rapid and immersive dive into the high-stakes, high-reward business of biotech. You will receive a one of a kind high-octane learning experience that will immediately demystify and debunk the most complex topics in an easy to understand, fun and interactive way. You will learn and apply new ways of thinking to all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, that you didn't think possible. You will walk away smarter, more informed, more strategic and more excited about new opportunities in the business of biotech and the promise of personalized medicine. Sign up today!"

- Ben B.

"As a scientist, I used to think of the business of biotech with naivete. Patients need therapies, scientists make therapies in the lab - problem solved. This course has taught me about the 'ecosystem' and how successful companies navigate it to finally turn discoveries into approved therapies. Thanks for putting this course together, RA team."

- Abhijeet P.

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