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Luke Jerrome, E. Coli, 2017

Along with three detailed landscape maps, our team has published numerous articles, videos, and audio recordings to break down core principles related to the Covid-19 crisis. We encourage all to browse our collection and allow these materials to start conversations that will help improve public health systems worldwide.

September 24, 2021

RA Capital's COVID-19 Maps

Covid Map and Supporting Materials

Covid-19 Discussion

AUGUST 14, 2020

‘Marching-In’ on Remdesivir: Wrong, Pointless and Bad for Patients

MORNING CONSULT - Peter Kolchinsky, PhD


JUNE 9, 2020

RA Capital Management COVID-19 Town Hall June 2020

Managing Partner Peter Kolchinsky joins TechAtlas Associates Alyssa Larson and Shan Shan Wang to host a virtual tour of our COVID-19 Therapeutic Landscape Map. The presentation highlights the various classes of vaccines in development (which ones we expect will get to market first, which are most scalable, which seem best suited to become seasonal products) and drugs in development (which ones we think are most likely to work, which might be combinable, and what that means for addressing our fears). Peter also addresses investor-submitted questions.

APRIL 22, 2020

Understanding How Testing Works

CITY JOURNAL - Peter Kolchinsky, PhD

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APRIL 21, 2020

Innovation and Biotech in the Time of COVID-19: What's Happening on the Front Lines

LABCENTRAL - Joshua Resnick, MD

RA Capital's Joshua Resnick, MD, joins biotech industry leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs to discuss COVID-19 and its impact on innovation.

APRIL 9, 2020

The ventilator shortage is here. The medication shortage is next.


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APRIL 8, 2020

Prospects for a Coronavirus Vaccine

CITY JOURNAL - Peter Kolchinsky, PhD

APRIL 2020

A Cure for the Common Misconception

CITY JOURNAL - Peter Kolchinsky, PhD

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MARCH 31, 2020

Ending Covid

CITY JOURNAL - Peter Kolchinsky, PhD

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MARCH 17, 2020

RA Capital Management COVID-19 Town Hall March 2020

Peter Kolchinsky, Founder and Managing Partner, and Josh Resnick, Managing Director and Co-Head of Venture, share their thoughts on the COVID-19 virus, including how one can mitigate the risks of getting the disease, what one can expect should they contract it, the treatments currently available and those that are on the horizon, and the impact this coronavirus could have on both the healthcare system and the global biotech sector.

MARCH 5, 2020

Coronavirus spending: an expense — or an investment?

STAT - Jessica Sagers, PhD

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FEBRUARY 24, 2020

How Do You Price a Pandemic?

CITY JOURNAL - Peter Kolchinsky, PhD

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