We learn, we teach.

RA Capital is committed to empowering the next generation of biotech leaders (because we look forward to working with you to build tomorrow's great companies!).

We develop short, intensive courses on a variety of advanced topics relevant to the business of biotechnology at no cost to admitted participants. Our goal is to examine, interrogate, and teach practical and theoretical concepts fundamental to the biotech industry that aren't being presented anywhere else. We engage diverse cohorts of excellent graduate students and working professionals and provide them with a forum to think deeply, question norms, and grow in expertise. Our course materials are perpetually available online (via Thinkific) and we host periodic live discussion sessions over Zoom.

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RA University: IV League Biotech

Access our free virtual learning materials on a variety of biotech-related topics. Explore an array of courses developed for biotech professionals, students, and patients.

“A must-take class for anyone interested in the biotech sector! Worth every second of your time.”

Norah Owiti