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About Us

Planetary Health focuses on creating and funding companies that develop and commercialize cost-effective solutions to reduce emissions, increase resource availability, and restore environmental quality. We define ourselves by our ability to offer companies considerable value beyond capital.

Our Approach

Our Planetary Health strategy is based on the principles of "one-team, one knowledge core." We work together to develop a unified vision of markets and technologies so we can collaboratively build a portfolio of companies that we believe will reveal large market opportunities. We're a visual team, and our growing and constantly evolving maps allow us to contextualize competition and value chain dependency among commercial and development-stage technologies across many markets. We use these maps to present a systems-level view to one another, to companies, and to our partners and collaborators.

Example Maps:

Negative Emissions Technology

Alternative Food Protein

Energy Storage

Non-Ferrous Metal Sorting

Methane Inhibition in Cattle

Nitrogen Fertilizers


Food Waste

Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing

Weed Control for Commercial-Scale Farming Systems

Clean Aviation


Hydrogen Production

Electricity Grid