Work With Us

TechAtlas is always seeking smart, intellectually curious, and driven scientists to help us make sense of data-rich landscapes across therapeutics, diagnostics, and devices while learning to incorporate business strategy into their thinking.

We are scientists who invest in and help build healthcare and life science companies.

Our team consists of scientists, typically with doctorates from top-tier institutions. Their backgrounds include molecular biology, biomedical engineering, pharmacology, and genomics, with applications across many scientific and medical disciplines. We seek individuals with complementary training who share our core characteristics: intellectual curiosity, open-mindedness, and a drive to advance healthcare innovation that meaningfully impacts patients’ lives.

Prior financial or business experience is not required; rather, we teach these concepts to scientists through internal materials, courses, and exposure to hundreds of case studies. With mentorship from more senior Associates and the Investment Team, new Associates will learn how to determine whether a company is positioned to succeed in the face of competition as well as regulatory, financial, and commercial challenges. These skills will qualify Associates for other roles within RA Capital and serve them well in their long-term careers.