Venture Testimonials

Artist: Luke Jerram | Title: Coronavirus

Don't take our word for it. Explore working with RA Capital through the words of our Venture Partners and executives.

"Working with RA Capital has been a transformative experience for Imbria. From leveraging the strength of the TechAtlas team to better understand an emerging competitive landscape to brainstorming new approaches with seasoned company-building pros, my relationship with both RA Capital and the RA Venture Team is beneficial in every way. I sincerely look forward to our interactions."

CEO of Imbria Pharmaceuticals

"The team at RA is unique in that they were willing to “work” with my team well before RA invested. They showed a genuine interest in helping us to think through critical challenges and in building a relationship apart from an investment decision. My discussions with the RA team are always a two-way, candid dialogue, based on data and a mutual desire to achieve the best outcome for the company. RA has an understandably great reputation for the quality of their diligence, but their relationship-building is equally impressive."

Venture Partner

"The RA Venture Team has tremendous depth in understanding clinical data that has been invaluable as we develop our therapeutic product profile and navigate a challenging and competitive space. They have proposed compelling experiments and shared in the excited anticipation of the results, whether clinical or preclinical. The RA Venture Team is characterized by conviction, extreme objectivity, and taste. They believe in the experiments and whatever it takes for a startup to perform them."

Venture Partner

"RA Capital is an ideal ecosystem for company creation to address high unmet patient needs by capitalizing on scientific breakthroughs. Scientific and operational depth complements a unique 360-degree view of disease biology and therapies provided by its TechAtlas group, as well as the financial depth to support companies from inception all the way through proof of concept and beyond. It is gratifying to interact with passionate scientists, physicians and business professionals to advance awesome therapies for patients."

Venture Partner 

Testimonials are provided for the purpose of recruiting executives to RA Capital's EIR program or academics to partner with RA Capital on their potential business ideas, are provided by Individuals who may have a business or economic relationship with RA Capital, and are not intended to solicit investments in the fund.