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RA Capital works with biotech innovators, executives, and company-builders at all stages along the journey from idea to product. We're committed to sharing best practices and introducing new ways to address common challenges.

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Series I: Conducting a Logical, Data-Driven IPO


What we call "Series I" IPO principles are increasingly recognized as common sense and in the best interest of any strong company going public. Review our roadmap for running a rigorous price discovery and allocation process and consider for yourself all the data supporting "Series I" logic over myth-based conventional IPOs.


Understanding the Value of Your Equity


If you are looking forward to a career in biotech, then you are an investor. Sound strange? Not at all--time is money, you are investing your time in a company, and they will pay you in both cash and equity. 10,000 shares of one company could be worth much more than 30,000 shares of another company, but to know when that’s true, you need to know what questions to ask.


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