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We could have written a book.
This was a lot more fun.

RA Capital’s SABER (“Strategic Alignment: Board and Executive Resource”) is a detailed compendium of best practices drawn from the experiences of seasoned board members. In-depth examples (complete with data!) demonstrate how to take the principles outlined in this guide from your laptop to the boardroom.

Video Series

Putting SABER principles into practice can transform a meeting. Watch seasoned executives, board members, and investors share their experiences with these concepts and discuss what makes a biotech board meeting great (or not so great).

Work With Us

RA Capital portfolio companies, newcos, and Venture Partners/EIRs receive downloadable versions of SABER as well as personalized ”deck jam sessions” with members of the RA Capital team. Whether the deck you’re making is for a business development discussion, a board meeting, or an upcoming financing, we’re committed to helping you put your best foot forward and tell your story in the most compelling way.

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