Employee Experience

In the words of some of the people who make RA Capital what it is...

"Finished with your PhD but unsure how to make an informed career choice as you transition into biotech? Working as an Associate at RA Capital will keep you immersed in cutting-edge science without ever having to pick up another pipette. Your hard-earned research skills will be your guide as you map different therapeutic areas, help advise and start new companies, and work to bring innovative therapies to patients."

- Jessica Sagers, PhD
Head of Engagement

"Throughout my tenure as a Research Assistant, I have had the opportunity to deepen my understanding of competitive intelligence and challenge myself to see disease landscapes from the perspectives of different teams and audiences. I have been pushed to think beyond the boundaries of 'traditional research,' find unique and innovative ways to collect data across therapeutic areas, and conceptualize that knowledge in intuitive ways. By far the most impactful element of RA to me, however, is everyone’s willingness to teach and share what they know with others. I have mentors that span the entirety of the company--across teams, specialties and therapeutic areas--who all contribute to my professional development and offer insights into my growth, which is rare in a work environment."

- Emily Kelty
Business Analytics Associate

It has been awesome to watch RA Capital grow and get to learn alongside data-driven and collaborative colleagues who are curious and motivated to improve human health. I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to our mission and grow professionally through various exciting roles--as an Associate in TechAtlas building out some of our first oncology maps; as an Analyst on our Equity team conducting due diligence on biotechnology companies and working closely with portfolio companies as they advanced from preclinical development through late stage clinical trials; and as part of our Venture team evaluating early-stage investment opportunities. The team was incredibly supportive of my move to Texas and saw it as an opportunity for us to develop a presence in a region rich with scientific discoveries, illustrating RA's commitment to experiment and evolve!"

- Neta Batscha
Venture Associate

"I have experienced so much personal and professional growth as an Associate in TechAtlas.Over the past 3 years I’ve developed a deep and rich skillset and have enjoyed a wealth of diverse opportunities, from conducting deep scientific diligence across broad therapeutic areas to advising our portfolio companies on pipeline expansion and business development. Now as an Analyst on our Equity team, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to serve as an observer on the Board of Directors for one of our early-stage private companies. The Principals and Managing Directors here are so generous with their mentorship, devoting countless hours towards my professional development. It is truly inspiring to work alongside such passionate and insightful colleagues."

- Laura Stoppel, PhD

Reviews by employees or past course participants are provided for recruiting purposes only and are not intended to solicit investments in the fund. Some individuals may be current employees of RA Capital.